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the tranny experience

i met up with a tranny again not too long ago, this is the same tranny that i wrote about in my blog a while ago and also the first tranny that i ever did something with. this time the tranny booked me alone instead of with her roomate, she said that she might join in later. so when i got to the appartment she was home alone her friend was out. we spoke a little and then just got started. we got naked and then got in the 69 position and sucked each other off. i was on the bottom and she asked if she could push her cock down my throat, i said ok, and then she said that i could force her head down on my cock. this is where we got rough. then we put condoms on and started kissing each other and playing with each others cocks by hitting them on one another. then she wanted me to fuck her. she got in doggy at first then we did other positions, then it was her turn to fuck me we did many positions again lsting for hours before both us were going to cum. she wanted there to be a lot of cum. so she cummed first on her chest and then i cummed on her chest, it was alot of cum. i licked some of it up and gave it to her in her mouth and then i also ate some of it. i got in the shower to do a cleanup and she was getting ready for the next part, when i got out of the shower her friend had alreay arrived, so i spoke with her friend as the tranny was in the shower. she asked me what we just did, and i told her, she just wanted to join in, i told her that she would have to ask her friend (she still had about 30 minutes left). she also told me that she spoke with some of her female friends about me and they wanted to do a group thing very soon. the tranny came out of the shower and her friend asked her about joining in, she didnt seem to mind. her friend went in the shower and the tranny was telling me the next thing that she wanted to try. she said that she wanted to get in doggy with me in her ass, and our legs tied together tightly and then her friend with her strapon in my ass and then do the same thing with me in doggy. i understood a bit of it, we got started when her friend came out of the shower. she told her what he wanted to do. but first the female and i had to suck on the tranny, she was standing and we were on our knees. we sucked her at the same time and the female was stroking me too. then the tranny got in doggy, i put on my condom got in her ass and they had some velcro straps that they placed around my legs and the tranny's, it was put on tightly and then the female went up my ass with the strapon, it was a unique postion. then the tranny and i switched postions, i understood what the tranny liked about it, the cock seems like it is all the way in but then when the female thrusts it just goes more deep. we continued with another position where the female was on her back, and i was riding her reverse cowgirl, and then the tranny rode me, this was a good position, we each had a chance in every position. we did many more acitivities this time at the end we both cummed on the female, and we both licked our cum off her face and all three of us were kissing.

they absolutely loved it, and they already said that the next time i see them would be in a group activity.

General Category: Escort's Experiences
Added on: 06/24/09 08:15


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