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Tag name "independent escorts" (103).

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My friends and I had the pleasure of getting the services of Ms. Yelena, Ms. Devonne and Ms. Hyvenne last night (May 4).

These lovely ladies are very professional and they even arrived on time. After a bit of socializing, they went to the bathroom and changed into their first costume for the night so that they can start with their performances. We then proceeded to the couch area in anticipation for the show. After a few minutes of waiting, out goes these three naughty schoolgirls. Their first performance consisted with them dancing around the cage and slowly grinding on the cage bars. We were so focused on these girls that no one was making a sound.

After a quick costume change, they started with their lap dance number. In their animal costumes, you can clearly see these girls' lovely figure. They then took turns giving lap dances to the audience. Actually, it can't be really considered a lap dance since it wasn't just our laps they were dancing on (hanggang mukha inabot nila). I guess the no-touch policy during their performances only applies to the audience since I'm pretty sure I got groped a few times when they were dancing.

There was another costume change for their last number. This time they came out in sexy lingerie. They made us position ourselves around the bed as they started caressing each other and making out with each other. Pretty soon, they were in positions you'd see in lesbian videos you have in your hard drives.

After the hot and heavy girl on girl on girl number, you can really see that these girls were exhausted. We then have a bit more of socializing with them. As time was dwindling down, I was reminded that there was still a bonus from the girls. My friends and I had earlier drawn straws on who gets to partake of their bonus. The unlucky ones were asked to leave the room so we can get down to business. Ms. Devonne and her partner got the jacuzzi room while Ms. Hyvenne and her partner got the Bathroom. I got partnered up with Ms. Yelena was able to get the bed area.

As the doors to the other rooms closed, Ms. Yelena undressed and told me that she was there to please me and even told me that I should just tell her what I want and she would do it. Grabe... Intense talaga ang babaeng ito. I won't go into what we did to each other but I would just like to say na I got my money's worth. Lucky for us, when we finished and were done putting back on our underwear, Ms. Hyvenne and her partner came out of their room. It would have been really awkward if they walked in on us still naked. Ms. Devonne and her partner took their sweet time as they went 30 minutes beyond the 3-hour service time we payed for. The stag mommas then called for a cab and while they waited, continued to socialized with us. When their ride came, they gave a hug and their thanks to each of us. I even got an extra deep french kiss from Ms. Yelena.

Overall, it was a legendary night and I would surely book stag mommas again in the future for both stag parties and personal walks.


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Here's our feedback/review on Stag Party last April 30

We had the pleasure of experiencing 4 Hot SM Mallorie, Surrey, Devonne and Hyvenne a stag party.. all i can say very professional

100% true Devonne
Sexy, confident and youthful, she's breath of fresh air offering tender loving care. Gentlemen who know how to give a charming young lady a fantastic time are to be rewarded with my energy, eagerness and devotion to the pursuit of pleasure. her social skills and easygoing nature are a sure hit for the man who like the company of a young escort.( Young looking)

100% true Mallorie
An absolute classic beauty in every sense of the word, she is sleek, slender and refined. Naturally at home with the finest people and places, you are assured of the best time with one classy lady. Exciting encounters and pleasant surprises await so don’t hesitate mga GM's. ( Bitin ako hehehehe)

100% true Hyvenne
She's little shy and reserved but so willing to try. Just be gentle OK and I'll make sure you will have the greatest and unforgettable time with me. Have a sexy and sweet day ahead!

100% true Surrey
She's the kind of girl with deep and soulful eyes that accentuates my pretty face. While I can look stunning, my ladylike manners show that I can be soft spoken and kind. It is not uncommon for men to fall head over heels because of my charm and the genuine girlfriend experience that I can offer.( medyo naughty inside)

Overall Experience for stag party

9 out of 10 Rate

Ladies hope to walk all of you ... Take care and be safe


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Sorry for the late FR:

We got Danielle, Yelena and Hyvenne for my brothers stag party last month. The were very easy to do deal with, one call and ayos na lahat. Booked the hotel and girls all is set!!!

They came around 11pm and pagpasok palang sa pinto natahimik lahat as these 3 gorgeous girls candy in the door. A little chit chat and shots and setup ng sounds then they went into the room to change.

With dim lights these girls in costumes (for you to find out) came out of the room and started strip tease, parang namatay ata yung aircon sa init ng room. Next was lap dances for all of us, boom!!! Grabe, parang ayaw ko nang bitawan si Danielle, all FRs are true, truly stunning!

After everyone getting their lap dances, they all moved to the middle of the room started dancing with each other, caressing and woooohh started kissing!!! G2G dream check! Lahat ata nilagnat sa init, 3 wonderful girls caressing and kissing each other, ibang level. Then the 3 of them moved to the sofa, and started kissing each other, licking booms and DATY! Di na nacontrol ang crowd tayuan na lahat to get the best view. Live G2G2G action. Di na kami nakapagpigil after the show diretso na room, the groom got Yelena, Bestman got Hyvenne and syempre di ako papayag na di si Danielle ang kasama ko for the deed.

Danielle is truly a pleaser most especially the BBBJ, with matching slurping sounds and deep throats. This is the first time gumawa ako ng FR, since hindi pwedeng hindi . Thanks for the wonderful time - *wink*


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A lot has been said about these ladies ... and i'm happy to say thatthey definitely lived up to the FR's and their descriptions on the web!

Very professional, accommodating and I can't think of anymore adjectives that would describe how they were when we sought their services. BTW that was just a couple of hours ago!

Thank you Vanitee, Devonne and Vellia for the greaaaaaaaat evening!


Found in: blog

EPIC Boys Night Out . . . Yeah Men ! ! !

Una sa lahat I would like to thank our gorgeous guests: Alletta, Dewi, Reiko and Hyvenne for a mind blowing performance last night

We had our BNO at VC : Princess Jasmine Suite. Props to VC for the set up, sulit ang Flying Carpet!!! So eto na, The beautiful ladies came to the suite exactly on time ng napagusapan. When the door opened, unang pumasok ang mga amoy nila hmmmm their sexy scent still lingers in my nose... then came the ladies themselves... na stun lahat sa kanila kasi we were shocked how sexy and gorgeous they are in person conpared sa mga pix nila na may mga box sa mukha ahehehe Reiko has a seductive appeal na parang kumakain ng buong tao which is true and was tested last night ahehehe, Si Hyvenne naman parang anghel with malicious intent ang dating... siya ang crush ng majority ng boys facewise, Si Dewi oooh Dewi... your hot college classmate ang arrive at ako ang dean ng school na yun ahahaha! and finally si Alletta ang pinagpantasyahan ng lahat nung gabing yun soooo hoooooot. Before the show meet and greet muna with the girls, mingle mingle with a lot of touches and kisses. wooooot!

Round 1: The school girl dance off, eto ang introduction nila. Nangibabaw dito si Dewi at Hyvenne talagang parang sinasayawan ka ng classmates mo nung college para lang makapangopya sayo ng homework nyahahahaha kabaliktaran naman yun ng appeal ni Reiko at Alletta, sila yung mga hot mean girls ng school na titig pa lang lalabasan ka na wahahaha

Round 2: The monkey/jaguar lingerie lap dance di ko nafigure out e basta hayop silang lahat ahahahaha. Naboottom s up ata lahat ng boys ang drinks nila nung nagelevate na yung dance. Si Hyvenne does her dance nice and slow. Di maaalis ang mata mo sa bawat giling niya, Alletta oh my! kapag inupuan ka niya hindi mo mapipigilang mapakapit. Hot body plus pretty face plus warm creampie! Killer combination! Then si Dewi, DAMN! she is the best dancer among the four and boy! mapapabuntong hininga ka after at mapapamura ka sa sarap! Last but never the least, ang pinakamalupit na si Reiko... favorite artist niya BOJO Molina! Period! nyahahaha

Round 3: The much awaited G2G2G2G. Isang malalim na buntong hininga! Bigla kong namiss yung flying carpet! Sorry guys mejo hindi malinaw sa akin ang part na to e, nung dumating kasi ang mga girls hindi sila kumain eh mukhang nagutom after 2 rounds ayun para silang nag buffet sa round 3, eat all you can nyahahah! Hindi ko alam kung pano ko pa idedescribe ang scene na ito sa sobrang lupit! Siguro it's better kung kayo na mismo ang makaexperience mga papi. Hanggang ngayon umiiling iling na lang ako sa tuwing naaalala ko ang mga nangyari! hahays

Finale: The Raffle. Eto walang kwenta to! Worst round ever! bwahahaha hindi kasi ako pinalad! Kung gusto nyo malaman yung deed check nyo na lang FR ng co gms ko na si derek at richkid. Tangina talaga malas!!! bwahahaha

Overtime: The MOMOL. After ng deed nakimingle pa silang apat sa boys. Mejo bangag na lahat and we turned the tables around kasi sila na ang ineentertain namin ahehe at sympre lahat ng natalo kanyakanyang diskarte na para makasimoy man lang sa lahat ng girls!

Well that's all I can share mga papi, the rest is for our keeps!

Thumbs up sa Stag Mommas for giving as one hell of good time! Props kay Reiko for helping us setting up the girls! And for Hyvenne, Dewi and Alletta... In behalf of the boys! Slow Clap for you all! and a standing ovation !!! See you soon girls! We miss you already eh ahahahaha!


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Face: 9/10 - we got 4 stag mommas last night, to me she was the prettiest. killer smile and eyes.
Body: 9/10 - right curves, white complexion, flawless.
Hygiene: 10/10 - I did some DATY, it was shaved and super clean
BJ: 9/10 - smooth and can go deep. very willing to please.
I am a smoker, when we arrived at the room (dahil galing lang namin sa stag party I was a bit drunk and tired)
I asked her, I would like to smoke and relax first but we only had an hour! so what did we do? I layed down in bed relaxing and smoking while she
gave a nice and smooth BJ. perfect.
Deed: 9/10 OK, you know how drunk men are in bed. not good, so it's my fault. But, she is really good WOT. Since i just felt like relaxing due to the stag party
we just came from, she did most of the work.

To me, she is true GFE. can dress really classy and great attitude.

Oh and regarding our Boys Night Out Party with the stag mommas, one word: EPIC
I have been to half a dozen stag parties already, but last night was truly the best.
These girls are true professionals and they will please you as long as you follow their rules.

I will never forget these scenes:
Scene 1. Aletta lying down on the right, Dewi sitting on her face! On the left, Reiko lying down. Hyvenn DATY on Reiko. Reiko trying to reach and DATY Aletta.
Yep 4 Stag mommas connected. I don't even know if they have a name for that kind of position.

Scene 2. One of my favorite last night. Aletta and Dewi. Reiko and Hyvenn. 69. My face was 6 inches away, staring at awe.
(I might have mixed up the positioning though, cause it was crazy. but you get the idea)


Found in: blog

We had our Stag Party a couple of days ago. This was the first stag I cooked up and frankly the 1st stag attended by all of us so we really wanted to make it special. Since stag virgins kami, i didn't know how to really set it up. Good thing i got hold of Bubbles and she helped me in setting the line up even the location.

Most of the Stag Mommas were still on vacay kaya medyo nahirapan kami in contacting them but with their help we got our roster: Bubbles, Yelena, Devonne, Satine, Danielle and Alletta.

I fetched them sa lobby, and i hafta say i was stunned! sabi ko nga sa kanila on our way to the room na "ganito pala ang pakiramdam ng ma-starstruck". i even asked Danielle and Bubbles to check my pulse, and boy, it sure was racing! When we got to the room i turned off the lights muna. allowed the girls to come in and turned the lights back on.. priceless ang itsura ng mga kaibigan ko.. speechless yung mga gago!

We're a relatively quiet group.. pati nga si groom medyo nashshy pa. but what you'll love about them is that they'll really put an effort to make everybody feel comfortable. we chatted and had some drinks then the show started.. We were all practically smitten. they have they're own special moves eh that would really catch your attention. sabi nga ng isang groomsman eh "Dumadamoves mga pare!" On their 3rd set all hell broke loose! how could a man not love GTG? much more a 6 Women GTG action!!!

After the set.. sabi nga ni Yelena sho-showtime na! The Groom had the 1st pick and he picked Devonne, the future brother in law picked 2nd si Danielle, the groomsmen picked Alletta, Yelena and Satine. Off limits daw si Bubbles kasi si Bubbles na daw ang pumili sakin pagpasok palang nila sa room. hehehe. Nang ma-set na ang pairs, eto na! madscramble na sa rooms and locations!

After all the festivities and shenanigans, we all went back sa dining table for food! mga pagod eh. Si Yelena and Danielle, i think prepared food for us. uminom pa, made kwento and practically fooled around the whole time. Eto for me yung cool! hindi eto yung tipong "oh-shows-over-na-pa ck-up-and-leave-mome nt" na. but you get to relax and chat afterwards. they pay so much attention to details and they'll laugh with you, drink with you, and eat with you and basically have a great time with you. sabi nga nung isang groomsman.. parang barkada tambay lang (ASG Included).

To rate the whole experience - it was perfect. wala ng numerical equivalent basta Perfect!

Special thanks to Bubbles for all your help in setting this party up. kay Yelena and Satine for completing the roster and other details. Thank you Danielle, Alletta and Devonne for coming back from vacay early.. hehehe

From all of us; The Groom, Virgin, Boy Out of Coverage, Kitchen Take Home, Mister DJ and myself... Maraming Maraming Salamat!

With the Stag Mommas, The Magic Stays With You!!!


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A short FR for Danielle, Kel, Chantal, Devonne and Surrey:

Sorry that this is long overdue. We had the stag party for a friend last Nov 29. I was so lucky that I got those 5 gorgeous ladies to say yes on that day due to the lead time was only 1 week in advance. They are very professional to deal with, no arte, plus... all of them, so sweet

Due to the last minutes arrangement, we were changing location from one place to another, we ended up at VC Pasig and the ladies arrived!

Round 1: Dress up like the nurse. They danced for all the GMs and kahit nde groom, sinayawan din. May ibat ibang move and style, lovely, sexy, hot, and seducing.

Round 2: Lingerie show. They came with sexy lingeries and caress all the GMs. Of Course the happiest man is still the groom. You can imagine if 5 hot ladies on top of you and rape by the 5 lovely ladies... woohoo...

Round 3: ito na!!! the best of the best of the best part!!! LIVE na LIVE, Girl to Girl to Girl action Choo Choo train with each other and with the groom. We were sweating because the room is soooooo hot!! todong bigay ang action sa lahat, no keme, n arte. (pasensya na po sa mga makukulit na GMs on that day)

The night was not yet done, still have the FRUITTI action with the groom and a few GMs. Am I going to get them again, this is not a question, will definitely do

Again, thanks to Danielle, Kel, Chantal, Devonne and Surrey for so accommodating and extremely hot performance that night.


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well guys i guess lahat naman ng kukuha sa stag mommas will never get dissapointed eh! sa sobrang pro nila and sobrang understanding definitely they're one of the best girls na worth ng money nyo!

we had a blast time with aletta, devonne and joia bgo mg xmas, ang masasabe ko lang tulalala yung 2 kong friends dun s tatlo! sorry girls pero gusto ko magmura PUTANG INA sheeeeeet! ang lupet nila each tym, hayop tong group na to esp. aletta, danielle, bubbles and devonne grabe definitely ur moneys worth! we had a fucking good time!

kaya mga bro, patunayan nyong mali ang mga FR namen ilabas nyo sila! nang masaksihan nio ung sinasabe ng mga gm n kumuha s kanila!

aletta salamat... sobrang salamat! solo walk tio s unang salvo ng taon!


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We had a stag party last Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012. It was a blast!!! Everybody enjoyed the show. Thanks to Kel, Chantal & Dewi. They had exceeded our expectations. The best stag party I attended/organized.. . I will be organizing more. THanks again to the beautiful ladies of Stagmommas... Thanks Kel, Chantal & Dewi...


Found in: blog

We had a stag party last december 15.

We got aletta, danielle, edrea, dewi and bubbles. All the guys can say is WOW!!! We really enjoyed the stag party. There's never a dull moment with these girls.

There were 3 sets all in all. The best part was the g2g. Everyone stood up and tried to get a closer look when they started playing with each other especially when bubbles was already moaning loud coz of aletta.

Then came the raffle. The groom got bubbles coz of the loud moans. hahaha i got lucky coz the groom didnt want the bestman to come up empty that night. He chose danielle for me. WTF!!! Cant take danielle of my mind until now. Sexy, sweet and oh so yummy!!! Will schedule with her one of these days.

Everything was well worth it. Nothing beats a stag mommas party.


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