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Milklady - Milking Your Prostate/Male G Spot Tantric Massage

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About me

I am a voluptuous bbw woman who very much enjoys milking a man..Using my gloved finger, massaging his prostate, and causing milk to pour out of his cock..I
am available weekdays from 9am till 7pm, also some weekends .. I cannot host-however do know of a local short stay and I will travel within reason..Do not email me simply asking for a pic, send yours if you would like mine...The only service I provide is a massage, prostate milking and hand job..I am fully clothed throughout the massage and will not provide any other services..Here is a more in depth description of
The technique of prostate massage actually involves two (three) organs of
the male reproductive system: the prostate gland, the seminal vessicles, and
the ampulla, which is the reservoir which actually holds the male sperm just
prior to ejaculation. The prostate gland when engorged can be felt by
pressing a finger into the middle of the perineum (in back of the scrotum).
It is a rounded lump about the size of a large marble. It can also be
accessed via the rectum, where it can again be felt as a rounded lump toward
the front of the body and just about an index finger's length inside the
rectum. A better way to find it from the rectum is to insert the middle
finger, and slide it from just inside the rectum (on the front side) up and
in until you feel it move over a lump. That will be the prostate. Just in
back of (up from) the prostate is a smaller and roughly triangular wedge
shaped nodule that is the bottom portion of the somewhat larger seminal
vessicles, which is where most of the fluid of the ejaculate is produced and
accumulated. Underneath the seminal vessicles are the ampulla.

During sexual arousal, sperm and ejaculatory fluid accumulate in these
glands backing up behind valves in the ejaculatory ducts. When fluid
pressure reaches a high enough threshold, the valves open and the urethral
bulb fills, triggering the ejaculatory reflex and muscular contractions of
orgasm, which empties the glands.

The seminal vessicles, ampulla and prostate can also be emptied by massage
of these glands through the rectum. Rhythmically massaging the organs in an
in-and-out motion with an anal dildo is one way, but perhaps a more reliable
way is to simply use either the middle finger or the middle finger and index
finger together (well lubricated), to apply a firm slow massage over the
nodules of the glands inside the rectum. The massage will force the seminal
fluid and sperm past the valves in the ejaculatory ducts, and empty the
prostate (which discharges directly into the urethra). If arousal is low or
penile stimulation is stopped for a brief time before the prostate massage
begins, draining of the ejaculate into the urethra will not trigger orgasm.
Once ejaculate appears at the meatus, it will help to empty the urethra by
running a finger firmly up the underside of the penis from the root to the
head, pushing the ejaculate in front of it.

The result is a very pleasurable experience, beyond words.

I can be reached by email or by phone

Service rates

USD 200

USD 100

Location and availability


United States

New Jersey

North and Central Jersey

Contact me

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What a doll! She's a BBW with the cutest smile. She was sweet and extremely gentle as she took me on my experience. I've never felt anything so intense in my life! It was like a 1,000 volts running through me till it all came exploding out wh... More...

she is very sweet sexy BBW with a nice voice too! She delivers everything she promises and more. I have never had a more intense experience. You will be satisfied beyond your dreams. More...

As a first timer to prostate massages, I was very nervous. Lisa was very sweet and sexy, and totally put me at ease with her technique. She definetely knows what she is doing and I already have an appointment to see her again next week! Definetely go... More...

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