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FAQ : Site Misuse

Question: Someone placed my personal data (phone number, name, photo etc.) on your site! I receive phone calls, my personal life and career is about being ruined!

Answer: Please contact us immediately! We will remove your details ASAP and block your details from being added to our sites in the future.

FAQ Category: Site Misuse
Added on: 01/10/07 13:58, views: 19384


hello !

Roxx ur World
05/19/10 18:55
Kindly delete Glamorous Beatrice and HermIe

06/23/15 06:46
Hello.. This is relevant issue.. I hope you pay attention for this because I really need a good answer about my concern.. My boyfriend and I broke up. And because he can't get over with that he put my naked picture in this site to destroy me.. I just don't know what to do.. He is so mean and never stopped. My life is about being ruined when he posted it to my facebook.. I've been trying to contacting this site to report about the site misuse but until now i haven't received any response from them.. Does anyone know here how can I able to remove my naked pics here? I have never been registered in this site before.. I just created this account for me to ask help from those who can relate with my problem.. Thank you members.. Hope to hear from you soon... God bless!

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