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FAQ : Site Misuse

Question: You placed my info on your site without my permission! My attorney will sue you for this!

Answer: Our site is fully automated online community. According to our rules the content is contributed by site members and they are fully responsible for the lawfullness of their actions. Should any site misuse breaking third party's rights happen, we'll gladly assist you in investigation and legal actions against the criminals. Please contact us immediately to find out what we can do together to prevent or correct any incident.

FAQ Category: Site Misuse
Added on: 01/10/07 14:08, views: 17779


Asian LatinaDoll
02/12/11 10:12
This is a great idea from the management in a way to support to anyone who does have a complaint. I never know this way before my time, im so glad now that ive read this page. Bad reputation from a member can contribute bad image to this site And to other members doing their works honestly. Cant stop diseases in society like Destructive issues, bad competition & etc. situation like this, should contact directly to admin for an immediate reaction.
Thankful for this kind of support. More power

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