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FAQ : Banned Members

Question: I am told that I am not allowed to do something on your site cause I broke some rules. Why? What rules did I broke?

Answer: We ban users that do not comply with Terms of Service and service guidelines. We have to do it to defend site members and our business from scammers, cheaters and criminals. Most common violations include flooding by means of multiple account registration (you can submit personals from one account only), multiple irrelevant postings (for example meaningless posts, placing advertising on forums, comments etc.), libellious, offencive and rude posts, submitting reviews of yourself (only other people can review your service), placing phone numbers, addresses and emails in ad texts and comments (you should always use appropriate form fields), disclosing other's personal data, copyright infringement (submitting images, text and other data that you don't own or can't distribute), fraudulent activity (Nigerian scams etc.). It seems that these regulations are too numerous to remember, but actually one haven't to. Just don't do anything illegal, be polite and don't try to cheat. This place is for pleasure and service, not for cheating, bad jokes or making even with somebody. If your account get banned by mistake, please, contact us and explain the situation. We will unblock your account in this case.

FAQ Category: Banned Members
Added on: 01/10/07 11:40, views: 34791


03/05/07 02:02
may i know what did i do wrong?i would like to change my visiting ad dates

08/19/13 08:04
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03/05/07 08:41
Why am I banned from changing my images? Unaware of any policy that I've broken if any at all. Your help would be appreciated.

03/06/07 10:16
I wanted to update my account since it has expired and it seems I am not allowed to list ads for some reason. I am unaware that I did anything wrong. Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks.

Ms Lissa
03/12/07 14:10
I just signed up with you site recently , i am not aware of any rules i may have broken. I would apreciate it if you could put me back up please. i will change what ever i may have put or done from being banned.

thank you

Ankit Kumar
03/13/07 08:20
hi i like this site and wish to post my advertisement, please allow me to reach to the people for fun

03/13/07 21:51
I am having problems posting can you tell me why

03/17/07 16:06
Samething here why can't i change my images???

Escort Cats
03/19/07 01:15
please explain why did u blocked our account?
we have same one account which is not possible to use, but we still use your banner in our links friends.thank you

Tom Issac
03/20/07 18:54
To my best of the knowledge, i havn't breaked the rules..
Kindly let me place an ad.

03/24/07 07:32
I have NO idea what you are talking about I have NOT broken any rules

Neha Delhi Escort
03/30/07 13:28
I never broke any rule of your website, so please let me allow to advertise my ads.

04/15/07 11:12
i am soeey if i have broken your rules give me last chance to rectify my mistake and allow me to post my ad

Deleted User 277981
04/17/07 00:33
I have not been able to acsess this site for months due to pc problems then I do login and found I ve broken a rule.I had many reviews here by gentlemen and they delete those also.My email,website and any other contact info is in my ad so what have I done?

04/17/07 15:54
I never broke any rules but even then unable to post ad.


04/20/07 09:24
I would like to understand which rule I didn't abide by... It's hard to fix it otherwise, don't you agree?

04/21/07 14:08
Tell me what rules i broke thank-you

05/04/07 13:06
Hi !

Looking out for casual and discreet Fun !!!

05/04/07 13:07
Looking for a high end discreet fun

05/06/07 10:49
I'm sorry but may i know why i'm banned please?

05/10/07 11:17
why i banned please tell about my mistake thanks

06/04/07 22:30
please explain why did u blocked miaccount?
thank you

06/08/07 06:33
could not able to post ads

06/08/07 21:05
Why is my account banned?

06/15/07 16:08
hi i am not made a any contact or mail the escorts girls

06/15/07 16:10
hi i can't send a mail to escort girl

06/15/07 16:13
hi,you are not allowed to send emails, i get this message when i try to make a contact

reply soon

06/21/07 14:39
Why I'm Banned TO Place An Ad. Which Rule Did I Broke.
Could You Please Reply And Inform Me What Should I DO Know To Place An Ad Again Without Breaking Any Terms And Conditions.

Ankit Kumar
06/28/07 12:46
I do not think I broke any rule, but if you know I did, my opologies, please unbloke me

A.K. Nanda
06/30/07 10:05
Why I'm Banned TO Place An Ad. Which Rule Did I Broke.
Could You Please Reply And Inform Me What Should I DO Know To Place An Ad Again Without Breaking Any Terms And Conditions.

07/15/07 18:14
i didnt break any of ur terms pl revoke the ban..

07/16/07 16:51
Hello, im really not sure why im band could you please tell my why? and what to do to rectify, Thanks.

raj singhal
07/20/07 21:46
i have never done anything, why have you banned my profile.

07/28/07 12:29
I m shocked to read that I broke the rules. please let me know what rule exactly I broke.

Desire J Diamond
08/05/07 12:38
I haven't broken any rules, why have i been blocked?... May you please unblock me... Thanks

08/08/07 17:48
i have not broken any rules then y is my account blocked...

08/08/07 19:26
My complain is just like everyone else. I am not spam and I haven't broken any rules. In fact I was encourage by your website to place an ad. I go to do so, and I'm told I'm block. It would be great if you unblock me so I can place my ad. Thanks.

08/10/07 15:22
sorry i will not do again like this sorry

08/13/07 13:31
I do not Know the reason for banning my account ,kindly unblock the same .

08/24/07 07:28
I do not know why I am banned to put ad. Incase if I have broken some rules unknowgly then please revoke the same so that I can place ad.

Seductive Zara
09/10/07 10:24
please unblock my ad,i didnt kknow the rules and will be more careful

09/11/07 20:59
Please unblock my Ad. Dont know the rules

09/20/07 10:32
I really dont know why Im blocked; please unblock me or tell what I have done wrong.

10/16/07 14:07
Sorry if i have done something wrong with my ad.
please do not unblock


Local Manchester
11/13/13 11:27
ok, i will check your ads

10/18/07 04:30
I do not know why i was banned? Can you unblock me. thanks.

10/29/07 14:28
hello moderator..I dont have any knowledge whether i have broken the rules or any such..but i request you that may be if i hve done anything such..its by mistake but not intentional..kindly permit me posting my ads...thanking u moderator

11/14/07 10:23
I've been sending email through this site and now I'm being told I'm breaking the rules when I reply to a letter I recieved. What gives?

11/30/07 17:15
Dear modertor,

I not broken any rules. As you know I iused this site only as per condition......
Please reactivate my account


Vipul Mathur
12/17/07 15:17
I belief did not broke any rule willingly of course it may happens due to neligence from my part may be i forget so sorry for that. Kindly reactivate my account

01/14/08 12:22
please let me know what rules have i broken, else activate my account

02/15/08 04:26
plz let me know what i have done ?
also plz unblock me.

02/20/08 07:47
please let me know reason why my profile is blocked

02/22/08 06:19
please reactivate my account

03/27/08 01:39
Would like you to unblock myprofile. I guess I inputted the wrong CAPTCHA numbers twice. Not trying to do anything wrong. Please receive my apoligies if I did something wrong.

04/01/08 12:33
kindly activate my account ,incase i have broken any rules unknowingly do let me know, i am ready to amend the same

Dickie Sahni
04/16/08 17:05
I visited the site after nearly 6 months and I find that i am blocked from placing ads. Cud you tell me what was / is the reason. Also I shall be grateful if U unblock me ASAP.

04/27/08 23:43
i haven't been on the site in over a year. Why am I being blocked??

05/02/08 17:33
to refeat my adds again thank you

06/26/08 10:56
Please activate my Ads Facility that has been banned at your end.

07/25/08 13:52
Dear sir
you have blocked my profile. Infact i m unaware what rules i have broken but incase i have dome that it was not by intention. I will take care for next time. Kindly unblock my profile.


08/29/08 14:56
Dear Sir,
I was unknown to ur rules , please let me know those and unblock my account


09/12/08 14:43
Um yeah -- not really sure WHAT exactly I did (or didn't do) but if you'd unblock me and allow me to post an ad, that'd be spiffy beyond belief. I haven't done any of the things that you've listed. >.<

Thanks muchly!


09/30/08 11:43
I have no clue why my profile has been blocked.......
I would appreciate it very much if yo could unblock it.

Thanks in advance

11/09/08 12:48

how are you
can you help me please
cant add my new fotos

11/13/08 12:09
uh.... why cant i send mail? I apologize if i did something wrong but.... did i really done something wrong?

Thanks in advance dude. More power. Hope my account gets back to normal

12/12/08 21:44
can you you please set right my ad & make it available or visible. I am not aware what mistake i have made that i cannot place an ad.

Jasmine Love
02/20/09 05:36

I am wondering how/why ive been blocked. I'd love to use your site. Thank you!

True Couple
02/21/09 19:02
I really do not have the foggiest idea as to why I am unable to place an ad.

im really very sorry about that......please forgive me....u

05/29/09 20:24
I'm communicating sincerely with a member through this site. I can't understand why I can't send mails which I believe do not violate d terms n conditions. In all honesty I remain transparent.

07/15/09 17:06
why am i being banned from posting my ad??
i just joined in and have not broken any rules...please look into the matter

07/16/09 15:17
hi... i logged in after nearly 2 yrs.... and I m banned from posting an ad... i m a member of your site sice 2005... how can u do this... i have never done anything wrong in your site... pls allow me...

08/10/09 15:13
dear moderator..

i dont know why i been band...

what did i do wrong...

i remember i had a notice from moderator that im using a worng number...but my number is always correct...

i dont know what is the problem... i have reply that notice message after i received it...and i thought its all ok....

can you help me..




Sexy Escorts
08/21/09 14:52
I am not sure what rule i broke. I am banned from posting ads in your site. Please advise me of my mistake so that i can avoid suck mistakes and allow me to post ads. Rgds

10/13/09 19:32

it said I am banned and don't know why,all is said was I do not accept bank wire transfers....he may be a scam,which i was thinking but I never gave any info besides that,I did say he could use paypal but never gave him any acct info.....just let him know all info is on my site....did not give my site add either..please let me know what it is I did wrong or what rule I broke

12/19/09 01:16
I went to reply to email that i have recieved and it says i cannot send messages cause the app for my account has been banned. I do not understand please help me to understand.


Sexy Escot
03/07/10 15:20
Can u pls remove banned tage from me, i just create the account, and u bann me......can u help me with tha.?

04/09/10 07:16
dear sir
... ive been receive the nigerian scam by email from one of the members, but when I tried to reply to her... I was blocked... please unblok my account,
i wil not reply her messages anymore

__why i cant see my profile when im browsing at the philippines????

Saima Khan
05/27/10 07:38
you have blocked my profile. Infact i m unaware what rules i have broken but incase i have dome that it was not by intention. I will take care for next time. Kindly unblock my profile.
and this is not the way , you first have to warn us that some thing is going wrong and if we do not care then do block . Please unblock my account now

06/03/10 05:10
HI, my ad ran for some time, and after a couple of years of not using the service, I come back to find that I am banned, even though I dont believe that I have done anything against your rules... If I did, it was accidental and inadvertant.
Please check my site to see that I still have your links and banners in place, and please remove the ban...

08/26/10 02:23
hi, i ave been trying to edit my account but it will not let me

09/05/10 05:29
me too blocked for nigerian scam.. huh? I am in the philippines and the scammers are the men who book and dont show up..
can you unblock me please

09/07/10 08:59
what rule have i broken because i m not sure and happy about this.....cant i express myself anymore?

09/07/10 09:05
you guys need to unblock me as soon as possible.what is it with you people.

10/11/10 20:42
when someone send a message it becomes a nigerian scam.what about other countries...you guys are racist

Canadian Stud
10/17/10 10:10
Hi there, I had been getting contacts from a member known as joycebergstrand

Her emails to me were very formulaic and eventually she asked me to transfer funds etc, this was when it became apparent it was a scam.

However, my account has been banned from sending emails due to her emails to me.

I would be grateful if you could unlock my account, as I am legitimate and am not participating in any scams/frauds etc.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you very much!

10/27/10 21:28
my account got banned by mistake, please unblock me.i comply to your terms and i read it and you asked to be contacted . i wait to hear from you

02/17/11 17:25
please let me know which rules i have borken

Deleted User 235255
04/03/11 08:14
you have blocked my profile. Infact i m unaware what rules i have broken but incase i have dome that it was not by intention. I will take care for next time. Kindly unblock my profile.
and this is not the way , you first have to warn us that some thing is going wrong and if we do not care then do block . Please unblock my account now

True Couple
05/26/11 20:01
I don't know if I broke any rules, but I am blocked from posting my ad. Please allow.

09/01/11 17:48
my profile woes block please unblock my profile ok?

Sierra Michaels
06/26/12 04:33
I don't understand why I am blocked? Because of two people who are the ones who should be banned? This is crazy! I have a forum here and can't answer or respond to it! I can't believe these people are allowing two providers who harass others to stay and someone like me who is here to give advice and help ... banned! I hope they enjoy having forums only inhabited by the three or four people they have. And I wonder if they notice how many people have signed up, left immediately because of those same members who cause problems, do they see there are only (maybe) ten people at one time on any board, that every member trying to be a part of this board is run off? I am soo disgusted!

07/16/12 14:56
Just like so many others my a/c has also been blocked and I have never even communicated to anyone. Please unblock.

Naina Sahani
01/22/13 12:30

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03/07/13 13:33
i will not borke sexyescortads. com rules, if i will broke your rules then you block me


Mistress Pocahontas
05/09/13 07:20
What did I do in the past? I haven't used this site in almost seven years.

08/06/13 16:20

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Deleted User 842801
08/12/13 12:34
Hello Admin, I,m sorry for what I have done wrong. Pls, Give me a chance. Thanks!:-)

Deleted User 842801
02/26/14 05:31
Sorry admin, I only want 2 dellete my post not 2 post anymore. Why I cant do that.

04/30/14 12:54

i have been using your blog for over a year may be 2 can you please let me know what i did wrong , thank you

MoneyPenny x

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05/24/14 20:56
Please sir,
allow me to do activity on this site.

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02/08/15 08:37
I want to post my personal ad in your website but I am blocked. Pl unblock me.

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03/30/15 09:50
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05/07/15 07:59
Sorry please unbanned me

05/08/15 10:03

06/12/15 14:52
Please unbanned me, let me know what i did wrong, sure i will follow your rules ...
thank you..

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Deleted User 912872
10/29/15 06:14
I really don't know wht went wrong by me, pl unblock me, I have to inform my clients about availability and meetings..

02/13/16 10:55
I never broke any rule of your website, so please let me allow to advertise my ads

06/28/16 16:37
hi i just want to ask about why my account been banned?

02/10/17 09:21
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