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FAQ : Blogs

Question: Why are my blog entries being removed?


First, if you use your blog only to post advertising, then we remove these entries. Please, post some more original and interesting stuff. Blog is for writing you diary, Ads section is for advertising. Period.

Second, if you steal content from other sites and post it to your blog we may remove it due to copyright violation.

Third, you we may remove your content if you violate other Terms of Use (register multiple accounts etc.).


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Added on: 03/09/07 12:26, views: 15940


04/25/08 00:45
I was banned, could you please activate my account, I promise to comply with all your rules!

Deleted User 842801
08/12/13 12:41
Dear Admin, I,ve got banned.:-( I wanna know untill when I, ve got to be banned??? & When can I post my blog again??? Promise that to be more responsible & carefull in poisting blog. Thank u so much for the undrestanding!:-)

Mistress Kim-BKK
08/26/13 09:01
Why are my blog its Blockkkkkkkkkkkk ???

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