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FAQ : Personal Ads

Question: I see that some escorts have their ads placed on top of the list. How can I have my ad placed higher in my country (state) and city ad list?


There are several factors that affect ad position. First of all, although we allow to place up to 3 personal ads free, those ads that are placed outside the country or state of your residence will have lower priority than that of the category's residents. For example, you are travelling escort from Los Angeles, CA ,and you place 3 ads: one in CA, one in NY and one in FL. You will have your CA ad placed high, above all the ads of the people who reside in other states. But your ads in NY and FL will have lower priority and show up below the ads of the residents of these states. Clients are usually seeking for the local escorts, so we decided to order results in this way. If you are going to some other country or state for considerably long period (a month or more)  and want your ad in this category to be listed among the local providers you should temporarily change county or state in your profile.

We further order personal ads according to daily site activity and reputation of their owners. Those users who are active on our forums, post to their blog on regular basis, submit articles and help us in development of our community by submiting valuable content have higer activity and reputation. This results in higher proiority for their ads. So the more you're active and valuable as a community member, the more exposure you receive.

FAQ Category: Personal Ads
Added on: 03/19/07 19:35, views: 18656


09/25/07 20:00
Its really good to find a site that allows its members to move up the listings by being more involved with the site, rather than making them pay for it. Thanks

11/12/07 09:03
i definetely agreed to both of you gals..Its so worthy that if ull active,of course you will be on top list..i really like it..

Arina Sweet
03/04/08 16:02
Thank u very much for to help me with this site! I have very nice guest already and my ad get more popular when my guest review me and I make post to my blog! Arina Cute!

03/08/08 10:28
It is great to know there are sites on the internet that are willing to let you post for free and are very good about getting back to us when we need a answer on something. I really love this website and thanks allot for all the support.

05/02/08 08:12
its really good for those member who visit this site very reguller .

10/24/09 04:59
Hi, i am male 30 slim and athaltic have good balck tool and like to serve some one who desire for real fire in file.

Gwen Morales
07/24/10 13:34
thank you for the hekp

10/01/10 17:54
This site really helps my financial situation. Its maybe awkward to some members but thru this community site i met few good and real person.

Deleted User 665495
12/21/10 02:20
This site seems like a great idea.

02/16/11 18:44
this site is very good

03/05/11 18:09
I think it is a great idea being able to move up the listings. This site is great!!

03/22/11 05:55
This site really helps my financial situation

Deleted User 680095
05/12/11 02:49
ilan veremed?m ne yap?cam

Horny Brenda
07/28/11 00:59
i hope it helps me to make money ...

08/01/11 18:14
Watching dis site is gr8, but i think more shld be done. Like in my case my add is still not active now its more dhn a month, nor m geting any replay

11/19/11 18:37
Only joined today and found it very easy to do so. A straighforward site, easy to use and loads to choose from. Hopefully i'll get interacting and meeting people before long.

Night Angel-JOJO
02/13/12 12:52
I like this web site? it is good, thank you

04/13/12 17:50
Good idea, rewarding the active people.

Lucky Libra
04/22/12 21:36
i think that's a good idea. I'll keep that in mind.

bigblack dick
07/09/12 08:13
Ok good lets c how good this works. But in my case the ads status is coming waiting since long time. So i guess that wont be counted

12/04/12 01:32
Useful information.

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