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FAQ : Personal Ads

Question: How to get my ad listed under some city?

Answer: Only those ads that belong to this city residents are displayed under city listing. For example, if you live in Miami, FL, you have to choose Miami as your city and Florida as your state in your profile. Then place an ad in Florida. It will appear both in Florida and Miami lists. If you place a second (touring) ad in California, it will not appear under any of CA cities only under general state category.

FAQ Category: Personal Ads
Added on: 03/28/07 14:41, views: 16158


10/22/08 06:15
I am based in Ottawa and tried to place a visiting ad for Toronto but when I click on the dropdown category menu, Ontario is not even on the list.
How do I post for another city in the same province?

Deleted User 666496
12/29/10 19:56
please help my ads is still not active but i join here its almost 5 days ago now???

04/27/12 14:34
i currently cannot find my profile listing under denmark at all, why is that ?? it was there a few months ago.

Deleted User 811758
08/25/12 23:07
Its been a week now and my ad is still in "waiting" status. What is the matter? Can you please have my ad activated. Thanks.

Deleted User 908808
05/24/15 08:20
My ad is still in "Waiting" status...
Wat do i do... its almost been a month now...

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