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FAQ : Profile

Question: I want a small pic of me (avatar) to be displayed next to my posts. How could I set it up?

Answer: Sign in to your account first. In the left column you will see Account menu. Choose Profile link there. At the bottom of profile edit form you will see Avatar field. Choose local file from your computer that you want to be your avatar and submit this form. The image must be uploaded and set as your avatar.

FAQ Category: Profile
Added on: 04/22/07 08:30, views: 124358


Deleted User 614286
02/28/10 05:45
how can i put my pic to be avatar

06/27/11 23:35
i got the same problem i dont understand

07/03/11 22:28
It says upload disabled. How do I fix it?

12/16/11 02:45
Hi, Is some one help me in it

I try to upload my picture but it won\t upload It takes lot's of time.

How can I be sure that picture is being up;loaded.

Thank you.

Site Admin
03/11/12 15:56
Fixed about a month ago.

03/26/12 09:33
same prob with me tooo i try to upload my pic
but cant what shd i do ...

Deleted User 775675
04/10/12 12:03
I want my avatar pic back

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