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FAQ : Contacting Site Members

Question: I have sent several emails to different escorts asking them if I could make an appointment, but no one has contacted me back. Why?


Email is somewhat slow method... some escorts check their email not so often, this causes delays. Some providers may be on so many sites they may not check in on all the forums they are on everyday. Some emails may be already dead, or provider may have quit the business. We recommend to use phone contacts when possible.

FAQ Category: Contacting Site Members
Added on: 09/08/07 22:05, views: 17700


10/27/07 17:05
your answer is not sufficient or satisfieing. I refer to the escort forum where some of the escorts are discussing the above problem. Your hint to Spam filters isnt applicable. Many, if not all, mail providers have personal spamfiles,which will be sent regularly to the clients, and these files are easily to control. Until today there hasnt been any reference to emails from those escorts I have tried to contact frequently(i.e. BKKBow or BKKNa). All my emails have been polite and proper, and its not very likely that these escorts could have any reason for silence. Perhaps there is a failure in your mail system. Please check it again, in particular regarding my failed attempts to contact the mentioned escorts.

11/15/07 06:54
i send so many email to different escort but nobody response. i would like to know why?

08/23/08 11:28
it is true, i did not get any reply,
phone nos are also false,
i rang one escort no. & it went to a ordinary house, i was being absued,
mail is good but escort should gv the answer

Deleted User 625367
04/24/10 03:14
Hey, have you guys ever think of this?:
Maybe they are IGNORING your message!

01/29/11 17:32
hi? i m trying to contact escorts but most of the replies remained unattended...

03/23/11 03:32
most of them only respond to phone calls. that's just the way it is.

05/30/11 16:26
I have had the same problem contacting an escort that I wish to meet. mI have left messages I did have one telephone conversation she was going to call back but did not it was really noisy in her background so I understood why. She never did call back. I have tried a few times a week since then but nothing. I am polite and formal unless I freaked her out or something some way. Who knows, I'd still like to visit her Not sure if I should continue or just stop

Kyle B
04/12/12 20:35
One thing that works with me, as an escort, is to send me a short text message saying you would like to meet. Suggest they check their e-mail and give the subject you used(make it original) or provide your phone number and the best time to call. Make sure to leave you name. You will never receive a response if there is no name attached to your message, text or otherwise.

12/25/16 15:28
I want to contact bt I can't why?? Contact me

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