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FAQ : Personal Ads

Question: You say that you order ads according to the activity and reputation of their owners. Why any new person registered will have his/her ad on top of everybody for a day or two?


This is not exactly so. Sometimes in some categories indeed new members have their ads placed on top for a day or two. But this is not a rule, as in other categories, that have a lot of active members, new members won't have their ad placed on top even for one day. We use daily average activity and reputation to order the results. When a new person registers and places an ad the position depends upon the average daily activity of other members. If the new advertiser do nothing on the site the next day his/her ad will drop deep down in the list.

FAQ Category: Personal Ads
Added on: 09/17/07 13:59, views: 121791


10/01/10 18:05
Wow, this satisfies my curiosity regarding ads top list. Thank you.

Gwen Morales
11/22/10 06:15
Currently thats not what is happening now, right? I observed that the ads on the Home Page were mostly new ADS (but not necessarily new Escorts)...

Will getting a multiple accounts and recreate another account will put my ad on the home page?

03/27/12 19:16
I specifically asked why the ad for DOMINIXE was consistently on the top of the list of Calgary escorts when it appears that she has not logged in in more than a year. Your FAQs did not have the answer. I have tried to contact her with no results. Please send me an answer about this particular ad.

TS Coco
05/08/13 12:14
there are some Ads that are clearly expired, and should move down the list, so that more current and activate ads are higher, this would be better for the usefullness, and reputation of this whole site

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