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FAQ : Contacting Site Members

Question: How do i receive or send emails from here?


You can send a private message to any site member by clicking on Email link in the member's profile. Just fill in the email form and submit it. You may be prompted ot log in first if you have not done so before. When someone sends a message to you or replies to your message, you will receive the notification email to your regular email address that you have listed on your profile. You will be able to read this message after logging in and going to Account -> Email tab in the left column.

FAQ Category: Contacting Site Members
Added on: 07/05/09 09:51, views: 12203


04/09/10 02:37
Hi I placed a add and when I hit click email or click to see my phone number it does not show how are people to contact me

07/17/10 19:36
how can get services from ?

08/07/10 03:08
I receieved few email Notifications that members have sent me a private message, but I logged in and there are NO messages. Whats going on here ?

09/27/10 14:59
i receieved few email notification from members have sent me a private message but i logged in and there are no messsages what can i do and how

08/15/11 14:11
i got confirmation mail and package charges.
But both banks are different. Told to deposit money in PNB while A/c holder branch is ICICC. Pl. clarify.

11/18/12 21:01
What is the easiest way to get clients?

11/04/13 06:41
How to I got female client in this platform. I am new in this way. Pls somebody can help me... http://www.sexyescortads.com/user_profile/show/872040/ http://www.vicesisters.com/escort-ID71953 ! D. html

11/04/13 06:45
What the way to get female client. I am new in this platform pls someone help me...[/URL] http://www.sexyescortads.com/user_profile/show/872040/

11/04/13 07:02
I have no industry reference so how to take a industry reference? Pls help my. http://www.sexyescortads.com/user_profile/show/872040/

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