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FAQ : Personal Ads

Question: How do I place an ad on your site?

Answer: First, you should register an escort or agency account, depending on who you are or who do you represent (an independent escort or an agency). Hobbyists can not place ads on our site. Next, you should sign in to your account. In the left column of the site you will be able to see your account management links. Look for Ads link and click on it. You will be prompted to place an ad.

FAQ Category: Personal Ads
Added on: 10/04/09 21:21, views: 13054


02/16/11 09:04
i hv registrd myslf as Hobbyists wronly , im a independent escort, nw hw can i change my category n place my ad.

04/24/13 07:20
how can be like that?

Deleted User 614286
03/16/11 12:03
i was cancel my accout before now i wanna to active again, but my ads not at Display why?

02/25/12 07:21
my ads status are showing as waiting. What does this mean?
i want to post add in india category but i'm not being able to find india option in category menu.

Deleted User 803635
01/12/13 20:57
same problem :(

03/31/12 18:55
I have also registered myself as Hobbyist incorrectly. How can I change my category to independent escort and place my ad?

Thank you

04/24/13 07:22
you also, because i think you figured out when you registered.. well anyways no bodys perfect.. i hope your problem is going to be solved..

05/01/12 13:02
My ad status too is showing waiting? When will this get posted in the ads list?

04/04/13 05:03
my ads status are showing as waiting. What does this mean?

02/10/14 10:45
My ad also showing waiting for last 15 days. what is this? this is very sad

09/11/14 22:58
My ad is in waiting for more than 15 days

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