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FAQ : Personal Ads

Question: I can't post an ad to under my state or country category, because there is no such a state or country in the drop-down menu in the ad submission form. All other states (countries) are listed, but mine is missing.


It usually means, that you have already placed an ad under this category. Since we allow only 1 ad to be placed under the same category, we do not list this category in the drop-down menu. Check your ad list here to find out if this is your case. You might need to prolong the ad, if it has already expired. Please note, you do not need to post additional ads in the category of your choice, if you have already done it. Your ad will be up util it's expiration date. It may be lost among hundreds of other ads however. To obtain a priority position you should be more actvie as a community member here. See other questions of this FAQ section for more details.

FAQ Category: Personal Ads
Added on: 10/26/10 18:54, views: 103315


04/02/14 02:25
Im in South Afrixca, but cant place an ad due to S. A not listed

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