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FAQ : Profile

Question: How do i update my about me section of profile?


This is in fact not a part of your profile, but rather a part of your personal ad. Since many members can't figure this out, they have difficulties in finding the way to edit this field.

First, you should sign in to your account with your login and password that you got while registering your account. Use password reminder in case you forgot or lost this info. Upon login,  you will see your account management links in the left column of the site. Go to Ads Management. You will see the list of your ads and several options (view, edit, delete) for each of them. Click edit icon and edit the About Me field. Submit the form after you are done with editing.

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Added on: 12/21/10 09:14, views: 9195


Deleted User 771436
12/02/12 13:03
i want to change my Bio and appearance

04/10/13 11:55
thank you so much for your advise
hoping to fix my account

11/24/13 02:02
Ive been trying 2 change my nickname how can i

08/09/15 13:27
how to update my profile in US$ price

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