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FAQ : Escort Reviews

Question: Why my review has been suspended?


Usually it means one of the following.

You submited a review for yourself of from another account you control.

The review doesn't contain enough meaningful information or doesn't describe the actual meeting (session).

We suspect that the review is fake or comes from a suspicious account.

The review is not a review at all! Yes, some guys are trying to submit their ads as reviews.

If you truely believe that your review is not from one of the abovementioned categories please open a support ticket and we will  reconsider your submission.

FAQ Category: Escort Reviews
Added on: 02/24/11 09:42, views: 8282


08/04/11 16:54
i send one review last month but yet it not published
plz reply why...

09/21/11 09:56
I am the same I have entered a reveiw for a escort i met, not through this site but he is on this site so I thought I would review him here as well and nothing has shown up why is this?

04/13/12 18:19
from march 2012 reviews writen by my clients are not publishing. plz publish it

anamika from mumbai
02/01/16 05:54
same here hansika. same writen my client but not publishing on this site. why? seriously we don't know.

05/17/12 18:09
Same here - I submitted three reviews of escorts I have seen recently, but they have been flagged as 'new' for a month without being approved (or rejected). One of the escorts who I saw again is asking why she hasn't seen my review?
Otherwise, SEA is a great site and I love the fact that clients and escorts can connect directly without having to go through an agency.

06/06/12 11:22
I posted a review almost 1 month ago, sent support a meassage, no reply and review still not posted.

08/13/12 18:44
I am the same. I have submitted three reviews. All are listed as new. Two of them show up on my activity list with no points awarded or being posted on the escorts profile.

With such a delay in this how are the members to be kept up to date. Especially with the escorts that are just visiting our fine city.

This could be a very good information gateway but is falling short of the benifits that it could have. I don't know about the rest of the members but I like to have as much i information about the escort as possible. I would much rather give my hard earned money to one that I am pretty sure I will enjoy than take a gamble.

Deleted User 652072
11/15/12 02:05
Some providers do not want the reviews can hurt in future and i had mine taken off

11/30/15 18:34
Hi i have made a review of an escort last week and still nothing is showing why is that?

anamika from mumbai
09/20/16 06:46
this site have again my 4 reviews but why they don't shaow my reviews? pls accept my reviews it's very important for me.

anamika from mumbai
08/16/17 14:11
I have my 3 new reviews. But not published. Why pls reply.

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