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FAQ : Reputation

Question: I received a negative vote, what should I do?


If you participate in site discussions in a correct and polite way you usually receive positive feedback. But occasional negative votes do happen and should not be considered as something extraordinary and requiring any action. So, if you receive one negative vote per 10-20 positive, please do not open support tickets asking for our help. It is OK to receive several negative votes, especially on controversial topics or those involving other site members emotionally. If the general trend of your reputation is positive everythig goes well. You are not an exception, almost all site members receive some percentatge of negative feedback.

Now, when you should contact us. If you see that you started receiving a lot of negative votes on the posts that actuallaly are meaningful,  politically correct and polite, chances are that some of the site members started negative vote bombardment. Open a ticket and we will look into this.

FAQ Category: Reputation
Added on: 02/24/11 09:59, views: 8158


10/30/14 02:27
last few days i saw some of memebers in this site make negative votes . for that cause my points go down rapidly.. how i can stop this... how i know them who r this peoples... cause its harm my reputation.. & i saw same thinghs happened with some of seniour members. a remarkable fall in they r reputation points which is harm they r bussiness... as i am a hobbiestic ... its nothing can happened.. but in the case of profesional.. escort its too harmfull for her service... so i kindly want atention in this matters. plz do early action in that matters.

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