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FAQ : Galleries

Question: I want to upload my photo. How can I do it?


First sign in to your account here.

Use your profile editor to upload an avatar (small image of you).

If you want to upload high-resolution photos you should add them to your gallery here.

FAQ Category: Galleries
Added on: 06/14/11 13:59, views: 8358


06/18/11 18:01
i still cant add my photos. can you please tell me another way to add to the gallery? thx

07/06/11 19:31
I cannot upllad photos either is there not an email addy I can send photos to to have them uploaded that way

07/06/11 19:51
Also I have not been able to upload my verification photos

Deleted User 731081
09/14/11 08:48
I'm unable to upload photos as well. My verification photos are showing as status as waiting. When they are verified will I be able to upload photos?

12/16/11 03:43
What is member verfication

Deleted User 918303
10/21/15 18:29
My photo verification still says waiting. Please approve.

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