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FAQ : Escort Reviews

Question: Someone placed a negative review of me, which is completely false. Please delete it!


We do not always entertain such requests, as we need to get some reason to do so. Our ability to check if some review is false or true is limited. Please report this issue to us, and we will try to make a decision based on our own data. Please provide as much information as possible (copies of your email correspondence etc.). If we deny to remove the bad review, please do not panic. It happens to many escorts and this is not a catastrophe. You still can defend your reputation by explaining the situation in comments to this review. Most of the hobbyists read both reviews and comments to them, so well-spoken, honest and polite reply will certainly turn the tables on your hostile reviewer. This can be perceived as an opportunity to show your best qualities: open attitude, dignity, sense of humor etc. Hobbyists do read thoroughly, think and make their own decisions.

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Added on: 01/21/12 16:07, views: 7462


Daniella Rose
05/12/12 05:12
I had this guy come to see me for an hour he didnt smell the best!!! i ask him if he would mind gettin in the shower befor we start an he did then when he go out he was all upset an mad... but its like this im not gettin with someone that smells like hes been workin all day im a classes girl very clean so i think i did the rite thing an now hes downin me makin stuff up that didnt happen like thats not cool at all!!!

03/05/14 10:52
this member name is ankeet879 is placednagative review pl remove it

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