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FAQ : Bad Contact Reports

Question: Every day I receive bad email report and have to click the confirmation link to activate my email. This is annoying!


If you have more than 3 unread emails in the last 30 days our system automatically marks your email as reported. When you confirm your email status the report is closed, but if you still have not read your mail the new report will be opened the next day. Please, go to your mailbox and read all the new messages. If you do not want site members to contact you via email in the future, go to your profile and check "Do not allow to contact me by email" box. Site members will use your phone number or website instead of email in this case.

FAQ Category: Bad Contact Reports
Added on: 02/02/12 13:19, views: 7054


simy baliya
12/07/12 13:17
hello plz activate my account coz i have no response in this site

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