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FAQ : Agency Use

Question: We are an agency featuring several escorts. How should we use your site? Can we have a separate ad for each of our girls?


Using our site by escort agencies have some important distinctions. Nonetheless, it is quite simple and easy. We hope it won't take you more than a few minutes to understand the difference and start listing your ads.

We have separate account types for agencies and individual escorts (including those who work for an agency). If you want to list both your agency and some of your escorts you will have to use both types of accounts.

First, you should create an account for your agency ("agency" type account). On getting registered you will be able to create a general ad for your agency. Please don't write about some particular escort in this ad, it should contain the general info about your agency. You will be able to create separate ads for your escorts at the next step.

Next, if you want to list some or all of your employees, you should create separate escort accounts for them. Login to your agency account first, click Your Escorts link in the left account menu and then click Add Escort link). You will see the new account registration form with status set to "In Agency" and your agency already associated with this account. The new account will be created under your agency and you will be able to edit it from your main agency account in the future. Every escort account created under your agency account will be allowed to have free personal ads, blog, gallery etc. You can give your girls their account login details, so that they can use their accounts independently (update ads, write to forums, blogs, submit photos etc.).

So, agency account lets you create and edit both your agency account data and all you employees' account data. Escort account lets it's holder edit only his/her own personal account data.

When creating associated escort accounts you can use the same email as for your agency account. In this case, all the messages will be sent to this address and your girls will not be able to use email independently. We suggest you to use one email address only if you expect that your employees will not be using our sites by themselves. Alternatively, you can provide separate email addresses for some of your escorts. In this case, they will be be able to receive messages to their personal email box. By default, we insert your agency email in escort registration form. Please, change it to escort's personal address, if you wish.

You can create as many associated escort accounts as the number of your employed escorts . We strongly suggest you to upload separate data for every escort and keep these data up to date. When an escort leaves your agency, please, be sure to take the ad down. It will save your time and reputation and prevent clients from unnecessary frustration. When a new provider starts working for you, create an account and list an ad. Please, use separate ad text for every escort, that describes her/him in the most precise way. This will help clients to find the best matches easier and provide better positions for your ads in search engines.

Many sites charge you for placing personals, we do it for free. So, setting accounts, listing ads and keeping information fresh and up-to-date is actually not so high price for quality advertising.

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