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Do women like watching a man masturbate?

05/10/10 05:01
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Do women like watching a man masturbate?
05/10/10 20:43
quote nite :
Do women like watching a man masturbate?

The question catch my attention to know the answer after bit search in world wild web i found those answers and its surprised me :

I like watching my husband do it, it's a turn on for me.

I love to watch men masturbate. I love the facial expressions at climax and when they come, oh it's such a turn on. Ideally I'd like to watch someone without their knowledge - now that is a real turn on! If you'd like to send me clips of you doing it feel free at

More proof that we women are just as VISUAL as men!!!

oh i just love these answers...i wish we had more open minded girls like u here in Greece...

Yes I do! I love it when I make him just stand in front of me and J/O, it makes him so horny.

hell yes who don't love to watch a hot guy bust a huge load when he thinks he is all alone fuckin hot

Yes oh yes oh yes!!
Whoever, whenever I love watching. Let me know if you need an audience!!

i like to watch my boyfriend but like to help him even more to get him hard. if i'm not in the mood before, i am after watching him, he doesn't have a choice i practically jump on him

i like watching because I like seeing their expressions. It turns me on.

sounds fun!

when did you last get to do it?

a girl,who is just a friend,watches me jerk it all the time,bein i,m always runnin around the house totaly nude,i love it .

I don't mind watching them, but they have to watch me too.

GOOOSH, ally baby mye oooooh mye well, i dont hava boyfriend but ur post has really turned me on!

i wud like to watch a good lookin guy masurbate infront of me but if theyre not atractive then it wud GROSS ME OUT!!!

That's awesome!

I get turned on by it!

hell yea at least i would

I was caught once by my wife and four of her girl friends. They walked in on me watching a porn movie after they had been out on a girls night. Rather than being shocked they insisted i finish the job and watch egerly as i obliged. I then got into cfnm and was amazed by how many females enjoy watching guys masturbate.

With the exception of seeing him doing something different, watching him masturbate is boring. What I do enjoy is watching him ejaculate when he orgasms. Seeing it shoot out and all over him is a turn on for me

Would you rather watch him give a guy a blow job? +4

I ex wife's Mom did...Hence the EX

From my experience women enjoy watching guys masturbate, ive just finished at uni and regularly gave live shows in the classrooms in free periods for my female friends. Any women on here that are interested in watching on msn webcam drop me an email at bjkbookings@live.co.uk and i'll give you my msn address. If you live in the manchester / huddersfield area and want a live show or to take pics etc while i masturbate for you then im up for that too just let me know.

My wife always tries to get me to do it, I usually don't disappoint.

They love it I have did if fpr some and some got so turned off they started doing it also

Most women here including myself answered YES. I guess we proved we are visual creatures too!!

hellz yeah

yes absolutly. it has a certain attractive aura to them and OMG I love it when the get off on my tummy

05/30/10 22:19
quote nite :
Do women like watching a man masturbate?

Yes I do.

06/16/10 18:32
yes i would very much enjoy watching a man masturbate, as i find men and their sexuality so incredibly fascinating and erotic...but sadly i have never actually gotten to experience this in person (would not want to watch it on a webcam for instance, icky). it seems that when i am around, they think of other things to do...

ah well, hopefully one day.
06/16/10 18:52
cuck with a hotwife
cuck with a hotwife
well..... on cam no not int it but in real time me hotwife loves watching me get at it..while she looks over another mans shoulders from time to time..... last few years ive been very very lucky 2 do so and more but does not happen all the time ...its a cucks life u know...

AHotwife with cuckold
06/17/10 00:03
Naughty Kitty
Naughty Kitty
I do not and I find cam especially school like. If I cant touch it I dont need it.

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