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Obsessed with a long Pennis

03/21/12 11:14
Strory #1

A man obsessed to have a long pennis met a genie/jinni along his way. He passionately pleaded the genie to make his pennis longer that it could protrude or better touch the ground while standing. The genie said; your wish is granted and disappeared. Moments later, he felt his pennis touching the ground. Before he was about to be exulted, he noticed that his eye-sight level is of the level of the grasses. Alas.....the genie shortened both his feet!

Story #2

Another man who has small pennis was depressed for days thinking of his penis and how to go about it. Suddenly, a genie appeared and said; cheer up, I'm here to do or give you anything that can solve your problem. The man rose and immediately asked; could you make my pennis to be like that of the horse over there? No problem but are you sure? the genie inquired. Yes, yes of course, the man answered. Your wish is my command, said the genie and disappeared.

Curious, the man checked his pennis immediately and oooh...what a dismay when he saw that his pennis turned into a big, wide-holed, black pussy.The horse he pointed at was a female!

Plan your moves then move your plan...for moves without proper planning brings catastrophe!

04/18/12 00:26
Steve Cullen
Steve Cullen
ROFL! seriously!
04/19/12 00:14
All Smiles
All Smiles
LMFAO on #2. XD