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Site Upgrade (02/07/07 07:00)

At last we performed the major upgrade of our system! Unnumerable new features have been added, including blogs, professional reviews, articles, galleries etc.
We're doing our best and hope that this will help to improve the quality of our service. We strive to make this site the most useful and friendly community of escorts and hobbyists.
The system still could have some minor bugs. We apologize for possible inconvenience and would be grateful for bug reports. We also created a forum section devoted to discussion of our sites. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome there!


02/15/07 10:54
I like that you can see right away if an escort is active: e.g. 161 e-mails received and 0 send tells a lot!
What I am missing is the charges. I remember there was before mentioned how much the service would be. This was a good indication... can it be posted again?

kumar sharma
12/05/12 10:33
im karan here from nanitall/delhi/. couple of days back you ask me for male escort. so would you please wrote yours requirments Madam? because we provide male escort/ service too. waiting fore your reply. u sms mi 09759983189 . regards. karan and mail mi ( bigeforu63@yahoo.com ) thanx

02/17/07 21:32
nice upgrade. i would like to know if there are any way you can tell if a provider's phone is still correct. i called a few that was not accurate. thanks for the great service

02/28/07 21:48
Love the new updated site, I come here Daily, Just wish there was a way you could get rid of the fake escorts on here or the one's who have left there account and have not returned any e-mails, Alot of faker's in The Virginia category..But other than that the site is awesome now great update...

03/01/07 08:18
sorry i can't have any valid link or mail.so many send but only the result is bounce.want female escorts to accompany me

03/02/07 08:53
Didi I would not say that is true as mine says I have only sent 3 out of 245 at the moment and I have responded to all my e mails at my e mail address. I before was unable to delete any of my e mails that I had in my inbox here before and now have just cleared out all my old e mails way back to 2005. Maybe if men are looking at it that way all that should be set back to 0. I would assume that the last 3 that it says I have responded to are the last 3 most recent e mails that I have received.

03/21/07 22:12
yes ... I agree with comments from Didi, if not active why bother? it is a waste of time. I would be really great if it indicates that they are not active ... or off or whatever ... not to waste time with emails or calls.

03/28/07 05:29
I do love the new site. I agree with all who are frustrated with the ladies who aren't active. I've seen some who joined a year or 2 or even 3 ago and never logged in. There should be a time limit to stay active. If you haven't logged in for 6 months then you ad will be moved or deleted. And how about a 'problem' feature for those who want to report that a phone number or e-mail address has been changed or disconected. The other thing I miss are the e-mails of new ads in the area you are interested in. I wish this could be added back. It has prompted me to log in many times to see a new provider. Thanks for all the hard work!

05/17/07 01:03
You have made the site better. There are still alot of bad emails and phone numbers. There are also alot of ads that the girls aren't working any more.

daddy m
09/25/07 06:21
Just joined , but so far awsome! Have made contact with some real sweethearts. One problem is the number of escorts who aren't answering .
A lot of them need to up date info- age,dimensions,weigh t,rates. Also if they aren't in the business any more they should close account.Other than these few problems your doing a great job. You sure beat the other sites
in easy of searching and contact.Keep up good work!

Site Admin
11/27/07 16:43
Elimination of the inactive contacts will be our first priority now. Thanks for your feedback!

Taylor Love69
05/09/10 05:57
why bull shit with the pics on the bottom of the site. you get us to inlist just to fi nd out you can't contact the person you inlisted to contact. I'm forwarding this E-mail or coment to every person I know on sexyescort ads and horneyMatches and evry other site I belong to or can find. is your site so sad you have to make up members. pay women to pose for pics cause you can't get hot women to join. I'm hot. I'm a meber why bull shit

kumar sharma
08/12/11 06:12
I m here only for vip female. How they look i dont care. I want only money to give service with secret & privacy. My charj is minimum thuosend for 2 hours /session for single, u like mail mi ,

05/12/12 22:10
i am here too please the ones who is willing too donate if i cant please u it cant be done

kumar sharma
12/05/12 10:36
im karan here from nanitall/delhi/. couple of days back you ask me for male escort. so would you please wrote yours requirments Madam? because we provide male escort/ service too. waiting fore your reply. u sms . regards. karan and mail mi ) thanx

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