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Services and activities description has been added (10/22/07 07:00)

We added a special form in Interests section of your account contaning the detailed list of possible activities of interest (like anal, oral, massage, bdsm etc.). It will make searching for special types of activity partners easier. Please, take a couple of minutes to fill out the form.


11/24/07 04:56
It is quite a nice idea but is there any way of ensuring that the escorts cooperate as much as they claim to ? Ultimately it depends upon the nature of escort ,how much she/he wants to satisfy her/his client who paid for it and comes to her /him for psychological satisfaction than mere gang bang and getting dressed

Deleted User 711569
06/26/11 20:39
no whole purpose of an escort is to have fun. out with someone enjoy each other and have fun. else that happens is up to the two consenting adults involved

Site Admin
11/27/07 16:34
No way. In some countries sex for money is illegal, so you are not even permitted to pay for sexual activities. These are INTERESTS. If someone is interested in kissing it doesn't mean he or she will be willing to do it with everyone.

05/15/12 03:01
check me out

anamika from mumbai
02/09/16 05:21
revies and some facilities r seems to be inactive.

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