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Photo rating module has been launched (11/08/07 07:00)

We launched a beta-test of photo rating module. Now you can rate photos from user galleries on scale from 1 to 10, with 1 for the least attractive and 10 for the most sexy and appealing. You can set the location, gender and race of the members whose photos you want to see. We will add also the module that will display the top images soon.


Site Admin
11/15/07 21:16
There was a bug found that prevented votes from being counted under Internet Explorer. It has been fixed.

11/24/07 09:40
Let the customer decide what he or she wants each time , honestly I dont understand photo rating in escorts web .It is obviously not possible for the top ten escorts to service all the visitors all the time!

Site Admin
11/27/07 16:29
We do let you choose. If you don't like the idea of rating you are free not to use it.

04/16/08 08:29
I like that..It makes me inspired and flattered..

06/18/08 10:59
How can I see your Module Photo & rate?pls advice

07/24/08 12:16
rating photo is simply a good passtime. it also helps us to get know about top escorts

06/01/10 23:41

shah bharat
08/10/13 14:54

11/08/10 18:56
good effort

06/07/11 15:45

10/07/11 07:58
cool stuff

V London Escorts
03/06/13 12:40
I like this site... its really good

06/09/13 15:29
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01/10/14 15:23
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07/14/16 12:27
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09/27/17 08:37
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