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Activity and reputation (02/21/07 15:41)

We added activity and reputation system descriptions and stats inside user accounts. We encourage everybody to use reputation system. It seems to be pretty useless at the beginning, but as soon as more votes are accumulated, it will help site members to see who is trustworthy and submit valuable content to this site. Those members will have more golden stars below their avatar. It means that they have a fairly long history on this website and that other members like what they post. On the contrary, rude, irrelevant or false posts will result in accumulation of negative reputation, that will be indicated by black stars below the avatar. So, we encourage and ask you to vote!


08/29/07 13:34
My 3 gold stars were reduced to one and my activity points were reduced dramatically one day to another. I was wondering if the system works correctly?

07/24/12 15:19
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