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Punterlinkblog.com blogs have been added to our site (06/06/07 07:00)

We are happy to greet former punterlinkblog.com users on our site! Since this nice site was closing, we proposed it's owners to transfer the data to us and keep the blogs going. They kindly aggreed, so the real treasure of over a year of blogging efforts was saved. It took us several weeks to sort out all technical issues and now all the blogs, comments and user data have been imported. Enjoy!
Note to former Punterlink bloggers: your login and password remained the same as they were at punterlinkblogs.com. If you failed logging in try using your email as login with the same password. If you won't succeed use password reminder to receive the login data to your regular email box. Please check all the account details upon login as some data may be inaccurate (gender, age, account type etc.).


06/08/07 20:19
The only problem with these blogs is they can not be accessed.

Site Admin
07/04/07 15:35
They will be available for everyone to read in a few days. We want to give the new users some time to finally decide, if they want their blogs to be published here or not. Those who don't want are given one month to remove their blogs or some entries.

08/12/07 21:21
Glad to see that so many of the blogs were choosen to be opened to the rest of us. Nice to read what other people have to say.

05/28/11 15:30
great to be a member here to read some blogs.

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