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Photo verification (08/17/07 06:57)

We implemented photo verification system, that allows escorts meeting our requirements to have small "verified" inscription in the bottom of their avatar. The aim is to eliminate the use of stolen photos in escorts galleries and avatars. Please visit "Photo Verification" section inside your account for more details.


11/24/07 09:36
Simple inscription is not going to solve the problem. Many times photos of models and others are being displayed which is really unfair . Escorts are booked many times based on their looks and a different escort turning up at the rendezous after payment is horrible to say the least. When the same photo is shown by different names atleast somebody in your organization must able to notice and stop those ads till further clarification by the advertizer. Only punitive action would be able to solve the problem to certain extent and you also display ''not responsible for matching photo' each time in home page which would keep the clients wary and circumspect.

Site Admin
11/27/07 16:37
Verified accounts don't have stolen photos. If you know one please open a ticket and report it to us.

11/08/10 18:57
my photo has been verified but i cannot submit it ,why?
please help me.

Deleted User 669855
01/09/11 18:02
here dont show my account can u tell me how is it activate to show here site

03/28/11 19:05
I'm tryna verify my pics help!

gorgeous nina
02/09/12 19:06
Verification seems to be inactive... I keep getting mistaken for a hoax

11/28/13 10:11
Ya i dont think it works anymore because ive done it and nothing is coming back sayin there verified??? Help please!!

12/12/14 14:10
Need help putting photos up it not going threw….. Help

verification seems to be inactive i agree nina.

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