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Not what I expected at all

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Bosnia and Herzegovina




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Escort appearance



Yes, but rather old

Yes, to some extent


31 - 35






Smokes, but not during the session

Was absolutely sober

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Yes, bare

Yes, but not really into it


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Less Than 1 Hour

She came to visit me with Vicky. They really sold me this double act so expectation was high. Vicky is a young girl with very average face, tall and thin. When she arrived, she did not even look at me as she entered. Things did not improve from there on. No kissing, no licking no nothing. Only covered BJ and sex. She was so mechanical and distant and I soon gave up on her and did not want anything to do with her. My hope was EnnyA. However when she arrived she had a dress which was wide around her body. I noticed a belly on her which was not in any of the photos she sent me. In the photos she sent she has a slender body with unblemished body. As I looked closer I noticed that she is in fact 4-5 months pregnant. somehow I did not say anything and she kept her cloths on during the whole meeting and pretended that I had not noticed. I have nothing against pregnant women but I cenrtainly do not want to have sex with a woman carrying someone else's child inside her. To me that is sacred thing. It was the wierdest meeting ever. Two women on my bed and I was having zero sexual fun. Earlier I gave up on Vicky and she pissed off to bathroom. Enny was trying and I let her give me oral. First covered and then uncovered. Quite good at this. I finished as fast as I could and could not wait to see the back of them two.

170 Euro

Attitude and service ratings

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